Daughter of 1 ° AS European pigeon 2017

Beautiful Female Blue White Feather
Daughter of 1 ° AS PIGEON European 2017


-1st European AS pigeon 2017 + 1st French AS pigeon at C.I.F. 2017

-Daughter of 3rd European AS pigeon from Barcelona 2014/2015.

Possibility of sending at your expense.

Magnifique Femelle Bleu Plume Blanche
Fille du 1°AS PIGEON Européen 2017


-1er AS pigeon Européen 2017 + 1er AS pigeon Français au C.I.F. 2017

-Fille du 3ème AS pigeon Européen de Barcelone 2014/2015.

Possibilité d'envoi a votre charge .


Discipline: Fond
N° Matricule: 425071/19
Pays: France
Type: Pigeon
Sexe: Femelle
Année naissance: 15 juil. 2019